The latest Share the Vibe is made by Tom Elswijk. A film about Eindhoven as a centre of travelers and traders. About newcomers and locals and about the place where everything and everyone meets since the Middle Ages: the pub.

A film of less than forty seconds was ‘een bietje kort’ (dialect for: ‘a bit short’). When Tom Elswijk starts talking, some words are pronounced with an unmistakable local accent. Originally he came from Waalre but after high school he left for the HKU in Utrecht to study film. For years he lived in Hilversum, homebase to many media companies where he gradually started to build up a network. But still, whenever he visited Eindhoven, it felt so good. Riding his bicycle through the city, meeting his old friends, who were now working in a wide variety of sectors. It hit him: ‘Together with all these great people, we can definitely make some cool films.’ He decided to return to Eindhoven.

You’re welcome (if you bring something to the table)
‘Hoe dan ook, één ding is zeker; Ge woar en zijt altijd welkom hier’ (‘However, one thing is certain; You will always be welcome here’), says the voice-over in the film. The setting is a medieval inn, with people from all over the world. ‘Eindhoven has always attracted travellers and traders, and even now the number of expats in the city is large. I hope they feel welcome here’, says Tom. ‘That’s what this story is meant for.’ Is that always the case? The short film does contain a subtle hint. When a strange hunter enters the inn, everyone initially looks at him with suspicion. Only when he brings out the pheasant and shares it with the others, people open up to him.

Good jokes
The first part of the film was shot in preHistorisch Dorp, for the second part he went to Soul Kitchen, a place at Strijp-S where he likes to come and where he meets people from different cultures.

‘When I think of Eindhoven, I think of the cozy pubs.’ As a high school student he worked in café Wilhelmina for a while, where he got to know the Eindhoven humour: ‘There is a special mix of conviviality and creativity in the language of many people in Eindhoven, crazy jokes but meaningful at the same time.’ He also tells about his mother, who recently opened a B&B with guests coming from all over the world. ‘An enrichment of her life; every week she comes up with new stories about who she has met this time.’

Tom now works full-time for BigFish in Eindhoven, a creative company that makes animated films. In the evening there is room for free work, including this Share the Vibe. He is proud of the end result, even though forty seconds was ‘een bietje kort’. ‘Maybe we should make a  longer version too.’

Tom Elswijk


Tom Elswijk - Director
Thomas Thijs - Producer
Dick Rennings - D.O.P.
Dylan Greene - Sound Design
Anouk van den Boogaard - Styling / Make up
Twan van Lieshout - Best Boy
Lieke Vermeulen - Gaffer
Floor Donders - Styling / Make up
Staas Kirligitsis - Gaffer


Richie de Natris - The Stranger
Fred Akkermans - The Innkeeper
David Cornelissen - The Mandolinplayer
Claudia Boshouwers - The Innkeeper's Daughter
Felix Pulmano - Guest
Mohammad Gharib - The Merchant
Jeroen Hendriks - The Drunk
Jeroen van Erven - Guest
Rosaura Valle Sanchez - Guest
Mechleen Abboud - Guest